10 Reasons to Go for Weight Lifting

Adding some sort of resistance to your physical workout, doing some amount of weights is a terrific idea for anyone, with any level of fitness, and also any age. The usual impression is that weight lifting is meant only for the bodybuilders. Here are 10 reasons why weights should form a part of any workout.


1. Look Good

Weight training makes you look good. Quite simply, toned, lean, defined muscles make you look good. Personal vanity is a good reason to lift weights!

2. Strong Bones

Weight lifting is great for your bones. The resistance that your bones encounter as you lift weights makes them stronger and denser; more resistant to breaking and diseases such as osteoporosis.

3. Strength

Weights make you stronger. Your physical capabilities, endurance and energy levels increase, so that you are more and better able to cope even with your day to day activities.

4. Lose Fat

Weights make you lose fat. It is important to distinguish between losing fat and losing weight. Simply redistricting calories may make you lose weight, but it may not automatically translate to fat loss, because it could be that your body is losing valuable lean muscle while retaining the fat. By doing weights however you encourage your body to build muscle and lose fat.

5. Aches and Pains

You can keep aches and pains and bay. A stronger and more muscular body is better conditioned and is less likely to suffer problems such as lower back pain and other common ailments.

6. Body Balance

Weights help to improve body balance and may also improve one’s posture. This makes one less likely to fall and injure themselves, and a good posture not only improves the way you look but also increases self confidence.

7. Heart Health

Weights improve heart health. With the help of weights, your heart becomes more efficient and your resting heart rate comes down. There is also evidence to show that weight training could lower high blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels.

8. Versatile

Weights are good for elderly persons as well. Weights can be versatile and can be done standing up, sitting, or lying down as your fitness levels permit you. Older people can benefit hugely from doing weights not just because it protects bones and improves balance but because doing weights helps combat the muscle loss that comes with age. Unless there is a specific reason not to lift, it is possible to start weights at any age.

9. Immune System

Weights strengthen your immune system, helping keep disease and infection at bay more efficiently.

10. Quality of Sleep

Doing weights can improve quality of sleep and rest, increasing energy and productivity.