7 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss: Things to Remember

You need to get in shape for a big date. You need to become toned for the summer and more particularly become beach ready. You’re getting married in a few weeks and you want to look your best for those wedding snaps. For any number of reasons you want to lose weight and lose it quickly. So what is a good 7 day diet plan for weight loss that works? How can you lose weight quickly; as fast as 7 days?

1. Eat 1200 calories a day

The average human being needs 2000 calories a day just to maintain their current weight. Lowering caloric intake to just 1200 a day can be considered severe caloric restriction. This is less than what the body needs to stay healthy. So this is a diet that you cannot sustain over a longer period without adverse effects.


2. Limit portions

The best way to curtail the total number of calories consumed is to reduce portions sizes. If you are used to eating a cup of rice, halve that. Similarly have one slice of toast rather than two.

3. Change how you cook your food

Instead of frying or stir frying you food, steam, blanch, poach or bake it. This will help you significantly lower the amount of calories you consume from fat.

4. Up your protein intake

Cut the carbs and increase proportion of protein in what you eat. Proteins are known to keep you fuller for longer, which will prevent you giving in to the urge to binge when the hunger pangs are very strong.

5. Eat breakfast

This is another way to prevent the body feeling acute hunger. Eating breakfast revs up the metabolism and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. A faster metabolism means that you not only have more energy during the day, the body is burning more calories as well.

6. Have low fat dairy

Research has shown that calcium intake helps with weight loss. So eating low fat dairy products could help with weight loss.

7. Watch what you drink

When you’re counting calories, count all calories – even those that come from liquids. Sodas, coffee, tea, iced tea etc can add up to an astonishing no calories from sugar each day.

8. Lifestyle changes sustain weight loss

If you have been able to lose a significant amount of weight within a week, remember that rapid weight loss is very difficult to sustain. The only thing that will help you keep the weight off is to make a lifelong commitment to healthy eating and an active lifestyle.