Acai Berry Benefits for Weight Loss

Many products out there promise weight loss with little effort. Not so long ago, the Acai Berry Weight Loss Method was creating a lot of buzz. We were informed that this highly nutrient rich natural food could help boost the metabolism, leading to quick, safe and natural weight loss with little or no effort. So is the Acai Berry really that effective for weight loss? How true are the claims?

Acai Berry claims

Many websites sell acai berry in different forms – frozen, dried, in pulp form, in supplement (pill) form and so on. There are some tall claims made on some of those sites and that their product can help lose “450% more weight than exercise and diet alone”.

Claims were also being made that one could lose up to 20 pounds in a week because when taken as a supplement it could boost the metabolism, suppress cravings and burn fat off the body. Supposedly the supplement could also help detox the body and get rid of fat and waste matter that increases body weight.


Since the time that all these acai berry products were first launched, many of these claims were found to be baseless if not actually false and misleading. Since this is not a “drug” manufacturers found themselves free to make extravagant claims about their product without the research to back them up.

So, what is the truth?

Since there was such a hue and cry about claims made by acai berry product manufacturers (including some scams that forced people to buy the product when they signed up only for the free trial), the matter received a lot of scrutiny. It was also found that false claims about the berry were being made on behalf of celebrities such as Oprah and Dr Oz.

Medical and scientific experts examined the acai berry and its constituents. They found that the berry contains some very powerful antioxidants. They also found that it contains MUFAs (Monounsaturated fats) which are good for the body. In addition, it is a food fully of nutrition such as other brightly colored fruit and vegetables often are. However all these admittedly good qualities of the acai berry, are not unique. Plenty of other foods are excellent antioxidants and plenty of them contain beneficial fats such as seeds, nuts, soybean, avocados, olives, sunflower, dark chocolate.

So we can conclude that while the acai berry is probably good for you, lots of other natural foods are as good for you. So far there is nothing to show that acai berry and its products can help in weight loss.