Basic Home Fitness Equipment to Put You on the Path to Fitness

There is a growing market for home fitness equipment as more and more people realize the vital importance of remaining active and fit and consequently healthy. So many of us don’t have the time to go to the gym or think that a gym membership is in unnecessary expense and prefer to work out at home.

The benefits of home exercise equipments are many. You can work out in the privacy of your home at any time that you want – early in the morning or even the middle of the night! You can do so wearing what you like, and can simultaneously be doing the laundry, or watching TV! You can work out when its bitterly cold out, or even when it rains and hails! Some of the best options for a home gym would have to be:

The Treadmill


Simply put, anyone can walk; and walking is good for anyone. A treadmill is a flexible and versatile piece of home fitness, which keeps pace, literally with your fitness – you can increase the speed and incline as your fitness levels increase. Before buying, read user reviews online about the treadmill you are thinking of buying. Make sure that you get a heavy duty one that will withstand a pounding and which is sturdily built with good quality spares. Also inquire about the guarantee and after sales service.

Rowing Machine

If you already have a treadmill this is a good piece of equipment to add to it. Since a treadmill is basically exercising your lower body, a rowing machine to exercise your upper body is a good idea – to exercise the arms, shoulders and the back as well.

Jump Rope

This seemingly childish and insignificant object can actually give you a terrific workout in just a short time. While less strenuous on the knees than jogging (because you land on both feet at once as against jogging where you land on just on foot), this is good an exercise as running; inexpensive and really effective.

Your Own Body

You can workout at home using nothing more than your body as well. You can do pushups for a great upper body workout using just your body weight to create resistance. Any stable rod in the home can be used for chin ups, another way to do resistance exercises using nothing but your body weight. Do squats for an effective lower body work out. To add to difficulty level of squats, add resistance by holding something heavy – water bottles, heavy books and so on! Be creative, there are so many things around the home that will inspire to work out.