10 Benefits of Doing Aerobic Exercises at Home

If you’ve been putting off getting up and active because you find a gym too expensive or too inconvenient or out of the way, stop making those excuses! It is perfectly possible to get active, fit and healthy doing simple aerobic exercises from home. In fact, there are any number of health benefits of doing aerobic exercises at home. We try to list out some of the major ones:

1. It’s easy and anyone can do it

Brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, skating, skiing, playing sport, stair climbing, aerobic dancing – these are all aerobic exercises; most need no training or skills. Anyone can do these in accordance with their age and fitness levels.

2. It keeps weight in control

One of the principle reasons for so many people doing aerobics is weight loss. Regular aerobic exercise coupled with a healthy diet helps reduce weight and maintain weight loss as well.


3. It keeps you healthy

Regular exercise is known to help lower blood pressure, control blood sugar and keep other chronic conditions in control. Exercise also helps you sleep better and we all know how important sleep is for good health. Not only that, physical exercise is also known to keep your brain healthier.

4. It elevates mood

Exercise is known to release certain hormones that elevate your mood. After a good workout you may feel tired, but it is a pleasant tiredness that brings about relaxation and makes you feel good.

5. It can be fun

Exercise is a terrific stress buster, particularly if you’re playing some sport as an aerobic activity.

6. It helps boost energy

Exercise gives your metabolism a boost. While burning calories it gives you energy to be more active and alert.

7. It improves immunity

You are less likely to fall ill in flu season if you are active, fit and healthy. This is because aerobic exercise shores up your immunity.

8. It delays aging

Studies have demonstrated that people who do aerobic exercise regularly tend to have longer, healthier lives. Also it keeps you mobile and independent for longer as you age. It also keeps memory loss at bay for longer.

9. It helps reduce risk factors of heart disease

Your cholesterol levels improve with aerobic activity, your arteries remain in better health and you help yourself lower your risk of developing heart disease.

10. It makes you look good

If our list of health benefits from aerobic exercise did not convince you, maybe vanity will. Exercise keeps you toned, fit and looking great. Your clothes fit better and you feel and look better.