6 Essential Body Building Supplements

With so many of us wanting to get into bodybuilding – if not for competitive purposes then to get fit, look good and fill out those tight tees, there are a million body building supplements out there that promise results. It is difficult to separate fact from fiction.

What works? What is safe? There are so many doubts and concerns lingering in our mind. So, why not have a look at some of the popular body building supplements and the way they work.

1. Whey Protein

Whey protein is thought to be the most digestible protein. Whey protein concentrate may have more bioactive compounds, whereas whey protein isolates have 90% more protein and minimal fat or lactose. Whey protein hydrolysates may be easier to absorb, since they are partially broken down or predigested.

2. Creatine

leucineOne of the most effective and safe bodybuilding supplements, creatine is known to increase the amount of fuel that the muscles receive. With the help of this supplement you can lift heavier, and get yourself a more explosive workout.


There are 21 BCAAs or branch-chained amino acids and 3 of the important ones are valine, leucine and isoleucine. They help muscles recover and they drive nutrients to muscle tissue.

4. Beta Alanine

This bodybuilding supplement helps beat muscle fatigue and helps them recover fast between high intensity exercises sets. It is also good for endurance athletes.

5. Multivitamin

multi-vitaminA good multivitamin supplement will ensure that the body has all the nutrients it needs for optimum functioning. Any mineral nutritional deficiency could hinder growth.

6. Glutamine

Many experts recommend a glutamine supplement to help restore glutamine stores in the body and to help lower fatigue and speed up muscle recovery.