Is It Possible to Build Muscles Without Weights?

Muscle building does not mean added strength and definition; it also means a better looking, more attractive body. Studies have shown that more muscle mass means improved metabolism and greater amounts of calories burnt even while at rest.

We usually equate bodybuilding to weights. However there are several reasons why you would want to work out without weights – most of us cannot afford expensive home exercise equipment. Some of us who can may not have the space to set up a home gym. And many of us may also not have the resources for a gym membership. There is also the fact that finding time for the gym can be difficult.

So given that so many of us could actually have reasons to find ways of muscle building without weights, let’s take a look at the different ways in which this can be done.

Exercise Using Body Weight

push-upsPushups: Pushups are one of the best and most effective ways to tone and build muscles without using weights. You need no equipment and pushups can be done practically anywhere at any time. They can help strengthen and add definition to the shoulders, back muscles, arms and chest.

Chin-ups: Chin ups or pull-ups are another great exercise that use nothing but your own body weight.

Ab Crunches: Ab crunches can help tone and tighten the stomach muscles.

Squats: Squats help workout the lower body. Additionally, stair climbing and running can help to add muscle and definition to the lower body.

The important thing is to use the correct technique to get the best out of your body weight exercises (many experts prefer to refer to them as calisthenics). High reps are generally recommended with short gaps between them.

Use Household Items

Gallon milk bottles, water jugs, water filled detergent bottles, a bag filled with books, rocks or boulders from your garden; even a planter could work as weight. You could hold some as you perform squats for extra resistance and better results. Using a back pack filled with books as you do your pushups or chin ups can help add difficulty to your workout too.

Good Nutrition Is Important Too

The other facet you need to pay attention to is nutrition. Good nutrition includes cutting out the junk and concentrating on quality protein such as white meat, fish, legumes, whole grains and so on. Your post workout meal in particular should be carefully selected to give the maximum boost to muscles.