What Could be the Causes for Upper Arm Muscle Pain and Weakness?

Pain is troublesome; even worrisome at times, and muscle weakness is almost always something that scares us. We tend to equate pain with injury and weakness with nerve damage or something similarly worrying. While upper arm muscle pain and weakness is not always a matter of acute concern, it isn’t something that you should ever ignore since there are several serious conditions that could be causing it.


Sometimes it could be just overwork or strain that causes pain and muscle weakness. If you have overused a limb due to work or a particular athletic activity, you may experience pain and weakness and even trembling. So long as you don’t exacerbate the situation, rest and recuperation should resolve the problem.



Tendinitis could be a reason for stiffness and pain the muscles close to a joint. In particular there could be pain experienced when there is movement of the limb.

Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions of the joints such as osteoarthritis could be among the reasons for these symptoms in the upper arms. Degradation of the joints could cause mechanical disturbances and hence pain and problems in proper movement.

Bone Injury

A serious injury such as a broken or cracked bone could also cause serious pain and an inability to move the limb properly. This would obviously need urgent medical attention.

Neuron Disease

In rare cases, it could be motor neuron disease that causes pain, weakness and other symptoms. The nerves of the body are affected in this disease which is a degenerative, progressive condition.

Inflammatory Conditions

Inflammatory conditions can also cause the muscles to lose their strength along with causing acute, chronic pain.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is typically associated with weakness and pain in the wrist and hands and fingers but in some cases these symptoms could extend higher up the arm to the elbow and even above. There could be a tingling feeling as well.

Bone Infection

In some cases, infection of the bones could also cause problems such as muscle weakness and pain.

Nerve Injury

An injury to the median nerve (the nerve that runs down the length of the arm) could sometimes get injured, resulting in pain, numbness etc.

These are just some of the possible causes for pain, numbness and muscle weakness in the upper arm. There could be other reasons as well. The important thing is not to ignore any such symptoms and to make sure you get a trained medical professional to evaluation the problem.