16 Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes Beginners Make

Many men and women complain that they are unable to lose weight even after engaging into rigorous dieting routines and exercises. No matter how harder the ladies try, they still cannot make themselves slim enough to fit in that pretty pink gown they dreamed of wearing during the ball. Actually, the problem is not with the dieting or exercising schedule. The heart of the problem lies in the way you approach dieting or exercising. Here are some common weight loss mistakes most beginners make. Just avoid these and you will be on the track to lose weight in a healthy manner.

weight loss mistakes

1. Lack of time

Eating rapidly is a very unhealthy habit and due to the hectic schedule many of us indulge in it. It makes no sense in eating rapidly. Instead, one should adapt European style of eating that involves savoring each and every bite of food and each of every sip of drink that you take. This savoring strategy would ensure that you eat lesser the regular amount of food. So take your time because often, there is really no need to rush.

2. Missing or skipping meals

Another mistake that most of the people make is in skipping their meals. If you skip a meal, it would lead to an empty stomach which would demand double the amount of food that you regularly eat. Hence, this will in turn increase your weight rather than decrease it. Missing meals does not ensure a decrease in calories. People should eat at least 3 meals per day. One should have a healthy breakfast to ensure that they do not indulge in consuming extra calories.

3. Consumption of excess liquid

Many of us believe that drinking as much liquid as possible would ensure that you lose your excess weight. However, if you indulge in drinking tea, coffee, and other beverages, your calorie intake is far more than the food that you had skipped hoping that it would help you in losing weight. 16 ounce of sweetened tea contains 160 calories. Hence, one must look into the number of times they drink sweetened tea in order to compensate for skipped meal.

4. Excess portions of food

People tend to take excess portions of food in their plates when they order the food from restaurants, pack and parcel it and then eat it in their own houses. The food portions that they serve at restaurants are not always same when you order a parcel. Hence you should always measure the portions of the food you eat. Taking a small serving plate ensures that you eat smaller portions of food.

5. Eating mindlessly

Generally many people indulge in eating excess food mindlessly while watching movies or reading books or doing something that is enjoyable. Deep in that enjoyment, people generally forget the number of times they have dipped their hands in the bucket of buttered popcorn or a packet of potato chips, chocolates, cookies and so on. Moreover, mothers are keen in cleaning up their children’s plates. This should not be the case when are looking forward to lose your weight. You should be well aware of the calories that you are consuming.

6. Unhealthy toppings

Surely many people are crazy about those extra mustard, mayo, bacon, cream and cheese toppings when they order a pizza or a burger. One should make sure that the toppings you choose should have as less calories as possible. They look delightful but are heavy add-ons for your daily calorie requirements.

7. Crash dieting

It would really be a miracle if the crash dieting process would help you in losing weight. During crash dieting, all you lose is muscle weight, which means that though you weigh less your skin still appears to be flabby. Moreover, crash dieting reduces your metabolism rate. Hence you gain weight as quickly as you lose it.

8. Quantitative weight analysis

Many people are interested in the number that their weighing scale shows when they stand on it after a whole week of rigorous exercise and diet. However, they fail to see how this diet and exercise schedule has altered the way you look after you lose weight. You need to focus more on the way you look, the way your body is toning up and firming up while reducing those flabby areas rather than just looking into the number on the weighing scale and feeling happy.

9. Expecting immediate results

One of the greatest mistakes while you on the path to lose weight is the expectation to see immediate results. In case you do not see immediate results, you might indulge in excess intake of calories believing that none of the diet or exercise schedules are helping you.

10. Giving excess importance to cardio

If you closely look into your exercising schedule you would know whether you are just doing the cardio exercises or doing something that would really help you out to lose weight. It is a known fact that cardio exercises do not result in weight loss. You need to give importance to those exercises that help you increase your rate of metabolism and burn all those excess calories.

11. Diet plans from unreliable sources

In view of saving money, many people adopt diet plans and exercises that are mentioned in magazines, newspapers, television shows, and so on. However, if you really want to lose weight, you should consult an expert dietician. Because every diet or exercising schedule depends upon the type of body you have and your initial metabolic rate.

12. Dependence on pills

Many people are literally fooled by the innumerable internet marketers and other sources that claim they have miracle pills that help in weight loss. However, the truth is that there is no miracle pill as such. You have to work out or diet to shed those extra pounds on your body.

13. Inadequate meals

Some people wrongly believe that eating less the amount they normally do would help them in reducing weight. Eating less would starve your body in reality and lower your metabolic rate thereby burn lesser calories.

14. Overeating

Eating more than you usually do at a single time and then skipping rest of the meals would definitely not help you in losing weight.

15. Lack of consistency

If you have started dieting or exercising, then make sure you continue it on a regular basis. It does not make sense if you stop dieting and exercising once you have results in front of your eyes.

16. Inadequate sleep

Many people believe that sleeping lowers their metabolic rate and hence to lose weight they sleep less. One should get at least eight hours of sleep. Lack of sleep directly reflects the stress levels. Stress makes weight loss all the more difficult.

Hence before lunging into any kind of diet or exercise regime you should look into the above points so that they do not hinder you during weight loss. What’s the use of using a good diet program when you are not able to do away with the major hindrances that keeps you from getting fit and lean? Be prepared with all these facts before you step into the world of fitness or diet. This is to avoid leaning towards the losing end of your regimen.