Dance – The Fun Fitness Tip

Something of a trend began back in the 1980’s when Paula Abdul choreographed the dance moves that introduced people to the fact that dance could be great fun and could also offer a great workout in the bargain. There are so many reasons why dancing can make sense as a workout:

So many dancing options

If you want to take a dance class the options are literally numberless. You should try and pick out a dance style that corresponds with your taste in music because this will really make it enjoyable for you. If you like jazz music, then take a jazz dance class and if you like rock and roll, enroll yourself into a jiving dance class.

Hip hop is also a very vigorous dance class; however if you are more inclined towards the romance and passion of Latin music then sign yourself up for Latin dancing – the Tango, Salsa, Samba and a host of others await!


Tap dance, ballet, swing dance, there are so many traditional options and in recent times Zumba dance and fitness classes have become something of a craze. Zumba can be tailored to each person’s own requirements; and uses international music and aerobic exercises to help one keep fit and have fun at the same time.

Another dance that has come into the mainstream recently is pole dancing. Shedding its long association with sleazy clubs and strippers, many people are finding that the pole can be a creative way to express oneself and to develop terrific y upper body strength.

Dancing has so many other benefits

Dancing can just be a lot of fun. As with learning any new skill it can be exhilarating to be able to master new moves and make progress within your chosen sphere.

Dancing can be a very good workout and one that exercises all of the body’s major muscle groups. And all this is accomplished in an effortless manner because you’re dancing and not actually working out!

Dancing is a group activity and any fitness activity that you do in a group is always more enjoyable than doing stuff on your own. In dance class it is possible to hang with friends or participate along with one’s partner and even perhaps get a chance to meet interesting and likeminded people and make new friends.

Becoming a good dancer can impart a new grace to a person’s movements with greater body awareness and improved balance. It can also help improve one’s posture. As one becomes fitter and better toned, it can enhance self confidence as well.