Things to Consider Before You Buy a Fitness Rowing Machine

Working out on a rowing machine is a great way to get fit and remain fit. So much so that indoor rowing has actually become a competitive sport. Rowing machines can offer a great cardiovascular workout that can help to increase endurance as well as upper body strength.

Rowing is a low impact exercise that doesn’t jar or cause damage to the joints or connective tissues of the lower body. Those who have certain medical conditions or knee problems may in particular benefit from working out on a rowing machine. Regular rowers tend to achieve a high degree of fitness when using the right technique and with proper commitment.


Rowing can be quite intense and this activity can burn a lot of calories. It is a good exercise for interval training and can help to stress different muscles groups of the body anaerobically as well. This is why rowing is referred to as a strength-endurance sport.

And it is not just an upper body exercise. When proper technique is used, many of the muscles in the thighs also come into play and get exercised. Rowing can also help improve flexibility and improve stamina.

Be Sure You Need It

A rowing machine is typically an expensive purchase, so firstly you need to try out using it for a while before you decide to buy it. You could ask to use a friend’s machine if they have one or you can try out the machine at a gym over a period of time to see whether this is the right choice for you.

Decide on the Type

Check to see if this is an exercise you like and which gives you the results you want. Try out different types of rowing machines and find out what type works for you. There are regular rowers, magnetic rowers, and the “water” rowers that create a soothing swishing-through-water kind of sound.

Learn to Use It

Try and master the correct technique so that you’re not stressing the wrong muscles or causing yourself injury. If you think you can commit to this workout, firstly look around to see if a friend or acquaintance or someone in the classifieds wants to sell off their rowing machine.

Do the Research

If you decide to buy a new machine, shop around for it. Check in different stores, including the online ones to find the best deals. And be sure to read plenty of user reviews before buying a fitness rowing machine.