How Helpful Are Flat Tummy Exercises for Women?

There are so many reasons you may want to know about flat tummy exercises for women – a flat stomach looks good, it is important for good health and it can improve the posture as well. As though all this weren’t enough, there are the images of washboard flat abs that the media bombards us with!

Tummy Exercises Don’t Flatten Your Stomach

This may sound contradictory and may even go against much of what you’ve heard and read about fitness, but it’s true – tummy exercises will help to tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles but they will not help to reduce the fat of that area.

tummy-exerciseSo no matter what flat tummy exercises or exercise machines are recommended to “reduce fat from that area” they will just not work. This is because spot reduction is a big myth – a myth that the fitness industry likes to perpetuate because it helps them sell a bunch of products. Enticed by pictures of lean and superbly fit models, the general populace rushes to buy abs machines in the misguided expectation of getting similarly flat abdomen. There is in fact some evidence to show that overdoing tummy exercises could actually end up developing the muscles there, giving you a bigger gut!

What Are Flat Tummy Exercises Useful For?

So do we conclude that sit-ups, ab crunches, obliques and so on (the usually recommended stomach exercises) are no use at all? Well, that isn’t true either. Ab exercises are very important – they help strengthen the core of the body, support internal organs and improve overall fitness. Also the abs muscles are not usually employed in our day to day activities. So, those muscles are important to exercise as a part of any good fitness routine.

Then, What Really Works for Flat Tummy?

You can do 100s of tummy exercises daily, diligently, but will see no results if there is a layer of fat covering those well exercised and well toned abs. What will really help you get a flat stomach is any effective weight loss regime. This is because the body loses weight overall and not from one or two areas. So you will lose weight on your stomach only if you lose weight overall.

So eat healthy – whole, natural foods as far as possible and exercise regularly. Even simple exercises such as brisk walking, jogging, bicycling and swimming can be effective for losing weight overall and getting that enviable flat stomach. To this, you can add some tummy exercises to help tone and tighten the abs as well as for a strong core.