Flex Belt for Abs – The Fact and the Fiction

When you read about yet another ab belt or stomach flattening kind of product that promises results with little or no effort, you have to be skeptical. After all it is a well known fact now (one which product manufacturers have long tried to obscure it must be said) that losing fat from one or other specific area of the body is not possible.

So what is this product? This is something called the Flex Belt, claiming to be an Ab Belt Toning system that promises to firm, strengthen and tone the muscles of the abdomen. And this they say, you can even do when you’re too tired or too busy for a regular workout. Using the product for 30 minutes a day will give you results in 4 to 8 weeks, is what the Flex Belt promises.

Description and Features

This product is supposed to work using medical grade, gel pads that are specifically positioned to cover all of the central and external oblique ab muscles (what we traditionally know as the six pack as well as the love handles that we presumably want to lose).


During the time that one uses the belt, signals are sent to the nerves within the abs which make them relax and contract; and this is what works the muscles.


Now here is where the Flex Belt really did seem to be different from all of the other ab products out there that make tall claims about “melting off the fat” and so on. What this product claims to do, and in fact is seen to do is, it actually creates contractions in the abs muscles; and this can actually be felt and seen. There is a rather pleasant tingling sensation while it does this and you can literally feel that workout.

Safety has to be a concern with any of these gadgets, but the FAQ page assures that it is wholly safe; also what is reassuring is the fact that it is the first FDA approved abs toning belt. An 8-week clinical study showed significant improvement in sit-up performance, building up flatter, toned abs, and increased ab strength.

Who’s Saying What?

The Testimonials page contains many good things about the product. But what is more striking is the fact that the celebrities who have their credibility to maintain have also spoken positively of the product.


Adrianne Curry, winner of American’s Next Top Model has called it a multi-tasker that lets her fit an abs workout into her busy schedule. Jerry Rice, San Francisco 49ers All Star was surprised at the effective workout he got with the product. Janet Evans, a 4-time Olympic swimming gold medal winner says it gives her 150 muscle toning contractions in a 20 minute session.

The Verdict

Thankfully the product is not promising spot reduction of fat; rather it is the toning and strengthening that it promises. This it is able to deliver – there is no attempt to mislead here with a bunch of tall claims.

We all know that there is really no easy way to fitness and looking great – for this, we have to eat right and exercise. The Flex Belt is not going to go to the gym for us while we sit on our butts, watching TV and inhaling chips.

But what the Flex Belt can do is give our fitness and workout goals the boost that they need, especially when we don’t have the time to concentrate on a proper ab workout. So if your abs get a workout while you’re cooking, folding laundry or even working on the computer, this does sound like a good deal!

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