Top 10 Home Gym Equipment for Bodybuilding

You may like to work out alone instead of with a bunch of other people in a gym. Or you could be someone who lives too far away from a gym. Or you could have a job that makes going to the gym inconvenient; even impossible. Whatever the reason, if you want to workout at home to meet your fitness and bodybuilding goals, here are some of the best home gym equipment that you can buy.

1. Single Stack Home Gym

The sort of weights machine you opt for depends not only on your requirements, but also the kind of space you have at home. For a lot of people, a single stack home gym is perfectly adequate – look for one that include features such as lat bar, chest press, leg extension, etc. so you can perform a range of exercises.


2. Multi-Station Home Gym

This has more options and will also let more than one person workout at a time, but it will typically take up a lot more space as well.


3. Rowing Machine

Rowing is an excellent upper body workout. In addition to helping build lean muscle it helps build endurance and could be a useful cardio adjunct to a bodybuilding workout.


4. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands help to build more muscle by, making the muscles work harder and creating more tears in the muscles (this causes the body to repair and increase muscle size). They also help increase range of motion.


5. Push Up Bars

Pushups are an excellent bodybuilding exercise using nothing but your body weight. Push up bars or gripping stands, will give you a greater range of motion and will help build up the triceps and pecs.


6. Pull Up/Chin Up Bar

You could get a simple pull up bar that goes over a doorway, or you could get a heavy duty upper body work out bar that lets you do pull-ups, chin-ups, crunches and dips as well.


7. Free Weights

Many body builders value free weights over weight machines. Remember a used set will do as well as a brand new one.


8. Weight Bench

This is particularly important if you decide to use free weights rather than a multi station type of weight machine which typically has a built in bench. Pick a sturdy, adjustable one.


9. Jump Rope

Jumping rope is terrific exercise for anyone, and may be an excellent addition to your body building program.


10. Body Fat Tester

This will help you gauge your progress. It will also be a motivator to help you keep improving.