Types of Leg Exercise Equipment: Which One Is for You?

Many people think only in terms of arms, shoulders and pectorals when it comes to exercise equipment. However for overall fitness, it is necessary to work out all the major muscle groups in the body including the legs. The right type of leg exercise equipment will help tone and strengthen the leg muscles.

Leg machines can either help to add bulk for those aiming to add muscle mass or help those who want toned, slimmer legs. Leg machines can also be useful for athletes who have to develop certain muscles for better performance or for avoiding injury. So, let’s have a look at the different types of leg exercisers that are available.

Horizontal Leg Machine

leg-pressAlso known as the horizontal leg press, this machine is parallel to the ground and usually requires the user to be seated. The feet are placed on a flat plate that is attached to pulleys that pull and push the weight stack. The weight or resistance required can be adjusted.

Vertical Leg Machine

The vertical leg machine or leg press requires the user to press up vertically to work out the legs. This type of leg machine is typically more difficult to use and more fatiguing than a horizontal type of machine. The machine typically requires the user to lie parallel the ground with the legs vertically pushing the weights. This type of machine may be smaller and more compact than a horizontal leg machine when space is limited.

Other Machines for Leg Workout

Many of us may want only to tone up and add a little definition to the legs. Women in particularly may be hesitant about using high resistance leg machines for fear of bulking up too much in the leg area. To this end simple resistance machines that go by names such as Thigh Toner, or Thigh Master can be used. This is basically an implement made using a steel spring that can be squeezed between the knees or the thighs to give the leg muscles a workout.

For simply toning and firming up the leg muscles, several exercise machines not specifically tailored for the legs may also work. An elliptical trainer or a ski machine, that lets you exercise the upper as well as the lower body at the same time can work quite well to tone and shape the legs simultaneously with the torso. Even an exercise bike can give the legs a good workout.