How Effective Are Muscle Building Drinks?

There are a plethora of drinks claiming to build muscles, each promising results better than the other. It can all get rather confusing! Do these products work? If so, how do they work and which ones are the best? Most of these products are protein based since protein is vitally important for building muscle. They can be in the form of protein shakes, powders, pills, etc., and may include ingredients such as creatin, whey, essential fatty acids, glutamine, and conjugated linoleic acid and so on. They may also contain multivitamins and fiber.

Some of these muscle building supplements may also contain hormones or steroids; so it is obvious that they must be taken only under expert medical supervision.

How effective are these drinks?

body-building-shakeMuscle building drinks that contain protein and amino acids have been shown to help in developing muscle faster and more effectively than if no supplementation was used. The quality of the product as well as the timing of using it (before a workout, right after it or later), are also important determinants of how effective they are.

Studies have demonstrated that whey protein taken right after a workout, particularly protein drinks enriched with leu­cine, can help to build lean muscle by stimulating growth. However other studies also claim that there is little or no benefit for muscle mass and strength from supplementation.

Experts warn that anyone using protein shakes, etc. should have realistic expectations. The recreational athlete may well find some benefit; however they are not a magic pill. They will probably not give you the extraordinary results that the package and advertisement portray.

Beware of possible side effects

There is also the fact that many supplements could have some negative side effects. Many people have trouble digesting whey based proteins. There could also be gas, bloating, headaches, fatigue and mood problems as a result. If you do plan to use these supplements, do your research, read what buyers have to say about a particular product and stick with the better quality, well known brands.

Adding exercise and diet will do good

Probably more important than gulping in the drinks is making sure that you eat right, exercise right, reduce stress and get enough rest. According to experts, these factors will do more for fitness and muscle building than pills, powders, protein shakes or any kind of supplements that you choose to use.