What to Do in Case of a Sports Injury

If you engage regularly in a team sport like mixed martial art, football, rugby, basketball or hockey or even other sports such as tennis, squash and so on, good for you! You are probably doing yourself a power of good by keeping fit and active and having fun at the same time. The team spirit and healthy competition fostered by sports is just a plus.

But the problem is that you can get hurt or injured while playing because sporting accidents do happen from time to time. You can take all possible precautions to avoid injuries, but injuries may still happen and you have to think in terms of “what if”.

You could sustain a sports injury in many different ways. You can be injured playing or witnessing a sport. You can get injured due to another player or the organizers of the sporting event. Officials involved in the match could also be responsible for the injury. So, if you ever get hurt while playing sports, here is what you should do.

RICE for minor injuries


For minor sports injuries, you may be able to resolve the problem by using the following steps:

Rest: Rest after an injury is very important. Don’t try to work through it, because this could exacerbate the injury.

Ice: Ice can help to not only numb the area and help in reducing pain; it can also bring down the swelling; both vital to the healing process.

Compression: Compression by using regular or elastic bandages or also helps to relieve pain and swelling, however it may not be advisable in the case of injuries such as bursitis.

Elevation: Elevating the injury means two things: one that you are off your feet and resting, which is important for recovering from a sports injury. Also this prevents fluids from pooling around the injury. This helps speed up the recovery process.

Get first aid and treatment

Apart from minor injuries, there could at times be serious injuries such as broken bones, head injuries and so on. Here you should ensure that prompt and effective medical treatment is obtained.

Consult a professional

In some cases it could be that you are entitled to be compensated for the sports injury that you sustained. You can get in touch with a processional to determine whether you would be entitled. You may be entitled in case of negligence of a player, or the officials or organizers; whether you are a player or a bystander.