The Gym – Is It for You?

Many fitness enthusiasts swear by their gym, the equipment there, the trainers, their workout buddies and the fact that their gym is their motivation to stick to the plan and hence the reason behind their fitness. Many others however will have nothing to do with the gym, preferring to workout at home, or out of doors, or a combination of both, varying the routine, duration and type of exercise that they do. So is the gym a viable option for you? We look at some of the pros and cons of working out in a gym.

Why is the gym a good idea?

The membership of a gym means that you have made some investment into your fitness and are likely to want to get the best out of it. This will help motivate you to establish a routine and commit to it.


A gym would typically be equipped with a variety of workout implements – treadmills, elliptical trainers, stair machines, rowing machines, massage belts, weight machines, and free weights and so on. These offer a range of exercise options. These would be the type of machines that most people would be unable to afford on their own and which they can take advantage of at the gym.

Trained professionals employed at the gym can offer valuable tips and advice to maximize gains of muscle or loss of weight. Going to the gym can be fun; you can go with friends or you can make new friends and workout buddies who can make working out feel effortless and less of a chore.

Why is the Gym not a good idea?

The gym, by definition is an indoor workout which has its own limitations. The enjoyment that one can get out of running out in the fresh air or bicycling with the wind, even rowing against a real current cannot be experiences you can hope to replicate in the gym. A stationary bike or a treadmill or rowing machine will seem boring, repetitive and dull by comparison.

The closed environs of the gym could mean that you may catch a bug from someone else that has a cold – you can catch something either from breathing the same air as someone infective or by using a machine that they used before you.

A gym is not exactly private. If you are the sort who keeps wondering how their bum looks in those workout pants and who is conscious of sweating it out before others, then the gym may not be the ideal setting for you.