5 Handy Tips to Get Those Coveted 6 Pack Abs

Stomach exercises are far from the only thing that constitute that 6 pack abs workout routine at home – you need to have a healthy diet, play sport, do cardio; basically have a good overall weight loss program if you want that coveted 6 pack. Remember the most important factor for getting those 6 pack abs is lowering the body’s fat percentage. The lower that number is, the less fat you have covering your stomach muscles, and the likelier you are to have visible, shredded, abdominal muscles.

1. Play Sports

Get fit by playing sport. Gymnastics will make you flexible, supple and help you build lean muscle. Team sports such as soccer, hockey, volleyball, basketball, etc are fun, stress busting and a terrific workout. Swimming is also a terrific way to work out the whole body and to get super-fit.


2. Do Cardio

Sprinting, jogging, brisk walking, biking, rowing etc. help build endurance, get you fit and help with weight loss; all of helps to lower body fat percentage and to reveal those defined abs.

3. Eat a 6 Pack Diet

Quite simply a 6 pack diet is one that is healthy one full of nutrition and low in processing. Eat plenty of fruit and veg, eat nuts and seeds, pick lean cuts of meat and consume healthy fats and avoid junk food. Rule of thumb for the 6 pack diet – eat whole foods as far as possible, lower your intake of processed food especially salt and sugar laden foods. In particular avoid sugary drinks – drink plenty of water instead. And remember to eat well – extreme calorie restriction or a starvation diet means that you’re setting yourself up for failure.

4. Strengthen Your Core

Do yoga, Pilates and exercises on an exercise ball to strengthen your core muscles. They stabilize the entire body and help get you closer to your 6 pack abs goal.

5. Do Abs Exercises

We put this one last because doing abs exercises is probably the least important for getting those 6 pack abs. Once you have your body fat percentage down you can hope to “see” those abs by doing exercises to add definition. Stomach crunches, bicycle crunches, vertical knee raises, obliques and pushups will help you exercise the muscles that constitute the abdomen.